About IT and Job Opportunities

About IT and Job Opportunities

Is it true that programmer job opportunities are high? Should I major in IT?

This question is asked a lot by people who want to jump into the IT world, especially programming.

Honestly, after I searched for job vacancies as a programmer, I found that programmer job opportunities are indeed very high for now (2022). However, is it that high?

On the one hand, job opportunities are very high. But on the other hand, I feel that it turns out that programmer job opportunities are almost the same as other professions.

Before continuing, I would like to clarify first that what I convey here is mostly my personal opinion based on my experience and the information I have received.

Why do I think it's almost the same?

Since I became an informatics engineering student, I began to look for and explore what kinds of skills are needed by the industry today. I studied in online classes, joined the programmer's community, and read various writings about the programming world. Until I started to realize that there seemed to be something wrong with the concept of high programmer job opportunities,

How come? I find that there are a lot of great people who understand more about programming.

Hey, that's normal, right?

OK, I understand that people have different abilities. But that's not what my focus is. Do you know? The great people are those who have been familiar with the programming world since childhood, the great people are those who are not studying IT majors, and the great people are those who don't even have the opportunity to occupy a study bench.

And do you know? Most technology companies nowadays no longer ask their prospective programmers to attach a diploma.

What does it mean?

It turns out that you are not the only one competing with computer savants out there to get a job as a programmer. You're competing with everyone who understands programming in this country. Oh no, it turns out that technology companies have also expanded their scope to a global scale. This means that you are competing with almost everyone in the world. Fighting...

Unlike the medical profession, for example. At least you need to study medicine to become a doctor. You'll have a hard time becoming a doctor if you don't have a medical degree, or maybe you won't be able to become a doctor at all. I also don't understand this.

In the tech industry, you still have the opportunity to become a programmer even if you don't have a diploma. You have a greater chance than those who have a diploma if your skills are contested.

The programmer job opportunity is indeed very high, but you also need to remember that your level of competition is also very high.