For those of you who want to study Informatics Engineering

For those of you who want to study Informatics Engineering

A programmer is a person who makes or programs software or computer software. This profession is one of the professions with a fairly large salary, especially now that it is a natural thing for companies to develop following technology. Of course, there will be more job vacancies available for those of you who want to become programmers.

You can learn programming/coding skills on a self-taught without having to take lectures. There are so many learning resources for programmers on the internet, either in the form of articles or video tutorials. So why study programming?

College majoring in IT does not mean you will be taught until you can become a programmer. When you go to college, it's not uncommon for you to even find subject matter that has absolutely nothing to do with IT or programmers, you know. I've experienced it myself.

So, what? watch until it's finished.

You May Be Excited, Then Bored, Then Forced

When I first went to college, I was very excited to come and attend campus to absorb as much knowledge as possible from the lecturers in the class. Especially when you meet material that is "very programmer", it feels like you suddenly have a dream to become a reliable programmer and create works like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

Entering the middle of college (semesters 4-6) my enthusiasm to attend campus is very minimal. Lecture material started to get boring and just like that, in fact almost everything that was taught in class I had already gotten on the internet when I was self-taught. Lecturers are not optimal to give material.

Until entering the stage of the last semesters, finally getting tired and having no choice. Like college in general, I have to do a final project to make an application.
should be excited, right?

Not like that, my friend, I am very happy if I have the opportunity to apply the knowledge I have gained to create a work. However, the final project does not seem to be a place to be creative, I feel that many rules limit creativity. Slowly I started to use the realistic concept only, "the important thing is to finish and pass".

Old School Material

I can't blame this, I understand that the campus has its curriculum that can't be changed and modified whenever we want. This is in stark contrast to technology which we know is always developing very fast. I think the campus will not be easy to pursue it. However, there are some of my lecturers who teach using the latest material, of course, by current technological developments. Unfortunately, there are only a few lecturers and even then there is very little time.

Doesn't Guarantee You Can Code

Yes, you read it right. Studying programmers does not mean that you will become a reliable programmer. I meet many students who still can't make a program even though it's a simple program. What makes me even more funny and sad is that my friends don't have the desire to learn to code but are forced to take this major because their parents say the salary will be big. But I know this is a natural thing and applies to all majors.

Coding is Not Easy

Many other people think coding is easy, usually those who have never learned directly. But I'm sure when they try it directly they will realize that coding is not as easy as they think. How not, to make a program that functions properly, a programmer must think about everything carefully, from the database, application structure, features, technology, and others. After you finish making it, you have to try it, if you get an error, fix it, make another error, and fix it again, until you get dizzy and have a headache, until you stay up late, until you forget to eat.

As a programmer, you must also have good logical skills, because they will often be used when creating applications.

Learn First, Luck Later

As I said before, coding is difficult. Many students cannot and are forced to "hire" the services of someone who can do their coursework or final project. Well, if you want money, you can take advantage of this opportunity, you know. You can wake up your spirit and continue to learn ahead of others, try to be someone more capable than them, at least in your class. If you can, don't hesitate to help your friends, so other people know that you can and if you're lucky you might be asked to do their job for a decent fee to add pocket money.

Sorry, I don't want to increase the practice of task jockeys, but this is the reality. Hehehe

Coding is a Cool Job

Well, this is very subjective, everyone can be different, but I admit that coding is a cool job, I don't know what the reason is Hehehe.

OK, that's all I can share first. Please note, everything I write is purely an experience that I got in my lectures. What I say may be different from what you will experience on other campuses.

Thank you for your time.