Should I Join a Student Organization?

Should I Join a Student Organization?

Should I join a student organization?

This question will at least pop into your head when you first become a college student. Plus tens or even hundreds (if your campus is a large campus) student organizations are usually introduced to new students during the orientation period (on my campus it's called PKKMB). Their goal is to get as many potential members as possible when new members are accepted.

Whether or not you join a student organization is entirely up to you. But if you ask me, then my answer is yes.

Yes, college is a very important time for you to develop yourself, this is the place where you can learn to control yourself, determine your life plans for the long term, get relationships, and prepare yourself.

If possible, don't let your time as a student only be spent in college and go home.

So what's the point of having so many friends?

So, earlier I mentioned a little that college is a place to get relationships and life plans. We don't know when we will need the help of others, by having a lot of relationships, you can ask for their help if one day you experience difficulties or need something.

What organization should I join?

You can choose any organization on your campus, for example, if you like sports you can join an organization related to sports. You can also join special organizations in your faculty or department, for example, BEM and Student Associations.

Whatever organization you join, you need to know that they will feel more or less the same, depending on which one you like. Here I share a little about student organizations from my experience.

Thick with Political Concept

In my opinion, the student organization is very thick with political concepts in it. Organizations have certain rules which are usually referred to as AD-ART or articles of association and by-laws. This applies like the law in a country. In, some articles regulate how an organization is run.

Student organizations also use the concept of government, there is a student president and his staff at the university level BEM, the governor and his staff at the faculty level BEM, the Student Representative Council (DPM), the Student Consultative Assembly (MPM), and the Student Association as the parties. Very cool right?

Rarely Learn About Academics

In student organizations, you will rarely learn things related to academics. Even though the organization you are participating in is the Study Program Student Association. This is indeed common because, as I wrote earlier, student organizations are thick with political concepts.

Within the organization, you will learn more about how to manage time, lead a team, speak in public, and interact with other people. You will also usually be busy carrying out work programs that have been prepared in advance during the first period of membership. So don't be surprised if you rarely learn about academics in student organizations.

Debate, Fight, Enmity, Until Theatrics

Not infrequently in an organization, there will be differences of opinion that will lead to debates, fights, and even hostility. Not only that but sometimes there will be skits in the organization for certain reasons. But this is not absolutely a bad thing, yes, this is what can make you a more mature individual, learn to deal with problems, solve problems, and deal with the nature of different people. This is the real knowledge that you can absorb in the organization.

Early Information About Lectures

When you join a student organization, you will usually get information first compared to other students who do not join the organization. This is because usually members of the organization often deal with faculty or university officials.

Different from the Community

You need to know, student organizations are different from communities. The community is usually a collection of students with the same interests, for example, the graphic design community, the programming community or the English community.

Well, that's a little information that I can convey for those of you who are confused about joining an organization or becoming a butterfly student.

Remember, you don't have to join an organization if you can't and it will interfere with your college activities. Especially if you study while working.

So, make your choice well.