Why Should I Have a Blog?

Why Should I Have a Blog?

Currently, the development of technology and the internet is very fast. Almost all the information you need can be obtained easily just by writing it in the column of a search engine such as Google or Bing.

Do you know? In addition to getting information, you can also use the internet to share the information you have. One way is to create a blog.

A blog is a website that publishes writings containing information, entertainment, tutorials, and so on. You can create your blog by taking advantage of already available blogging platforms such as Blogger or Website. These two platforms are very popular in the blogging world.

Back to the question, why should I have a blog?

Having a blog is not mandatory. However, having a blog will be able to provide many benefits for you someday. Here are some reasons why you should have a blog.

Improve Writing Skills

As mentioned earlier, a blog is a website that contains writing. A good blog is a blog that always has updated content. Therefore, you need to be diligent in writing to fill your blog. Not only that, the written content must be easily understood by your blog readers. By writing blog content, over time, your writing skills will improve.

Learning New Things

Managing a blog can invite you to learn new things that you didn't know before. For example, you can learn writing techniques to improve the quality of your blog content; learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase the number of visitors to your blog; and many more new things that you can learn when managing a blog.

Introducing Yourself

When visitors to your blog have more and more, you will also be increasingly recognized by many people. Moreover, if your writing is original and quality, you will have a good image in the eyes of your readers. Of course, there is no need to explain again. There will be many advantages if you are known by many people.

Share With Others

By having a blog, you can share positive things with others. For example, if you are a teacher, you can share short study materials, study tips, or sample questions with your blog visitors. If you are a programmer, you can share programming tutorials or application examples.

In addition, sharing with others can make you feel happier, you know.

Documentation of Your Life

In addition to sharing informative things, you can also use blogs to document your life. You can write down the experiences you have when you travel to a place, when you learn something new, or when you do something.

Your writings will be a way for you to remember your life journey one day. It is possible that what you write can be an inspiration for others.

But you need to remember that when the blog is public, everyone can access and read your writing. So choose wisely what you want to share. You don't have to share your secrets or private life if you don't want others to know about it.

Earn Money

This is an advantage that may be the reason for almost everyone's having a blog. When the blog that you create has a lot of visitors, you can take advantage of the blog as an additional source of income by placing ads on your blog. There are many ways you can do this, for example, by being affiliated with a certain brand, promoting goods or services, or using popular advertising services such as Google Adsense. The results you get can vary from tens of thousands to hundreds or millions.

Not only as a source of extra income, but for many blog owners, the blogs they create are their sole source of income.


So are you ready to blog? If so, let's start now!